We specialize in assisting individuals in Hawaii who are dealing with Lymphedema and chronic swelling by providing a full range of lymphatic therapy and education.

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Supported Self Care

There is no cure for lymphedema, but the good news is with early treatment and supported self-care from a Certified Lymphedema Therapist, symptoms can be managed. 

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Lymphedema Community

Be part of our Lymphedema Community, ask questions, share ideas, helpful hints, experiences, and connect with others.


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Lymphedema Solutions LLC provides up to date best practices and evidence based care methodologies.

We implement evidence-based practices to ensure optimal results. Check out our blog for the latest news and learn how we are actively involved with the Hawaiian community.

Listen  to us on the Kathy Kozak "The Body Show" on Hawaii Public Radio.


  • British Lymphology Society
  • Lymphology Association of North America (LANA)
  • Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN)
  • International Lymphology Framework (ILF)
  • National Lymphology Network (NLN)
  • MLD.UK
  • Lymphedema Support Network (LSN)

We have provided educational presentations for: 

  • Case Manager association of Hawaii
  • St. Francis Healthcare System
  • Kokua Mau
  • Queens Head and Neck support Group
  • University of Hawaii Cancer Center
  • Hawaii Public Radio¬†(Listen Here)
  • Olelo, Hawaii Public Television

Are you experiencing  a swelling in a body part for more than 3 months? It could be lymphedema. Ellie explains how LymphaCare Hawaii, our non profit affiliate,  was established to help you get the care you need. 

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Do you have questions about a swelling? We are here to help answer your questions.

  • Do I have lymphedema?
  • What is lymphedema?
  • Is there a diagnosis for lymphedema?
  • Is there a test for lymphedema?
  • Is there treatment for lymphedema?
  • Who should I see for swelling?
  • How do I reduce and get my swelling down?
  • Why is my arm swelling?
  • Why is my foot and leg swollen?
  • Why is my leg swollen after surgery?
  • How long should swelling last after surgery?
  • Will compression socks help my swelling?
  • Should I wear compression socks?
  • Are drug store socks ok?
  • Are ACE bandages ok?
  • What is swelling a symptom of?
  • How to treat swollen legs, feet and arms?
  • How do I reduce swelling?
  • Who treats lymphedema?
  • Will my lymphedema go away?¬†
  • Are lymphedema pumps covered by medicare insurance?¬†
  • Can lymphedema be cured?¬†
  • Can lymphedema go away?¬†
  • Lymphedema when to see a doctor?¬†
  • Lymphedema care near me?¬†
  • Lymphedema with weeping.¬†
  • Lymphedema with cellulitis.¬†
  • Lymphedema with breast cancer.
  • Where is a lymphedema clinic?¬†
  • Lymphedema certified therapist near me?¬†
  • How do I find a lymphedema specialist?¬†
  • Do compression pumps work?¬†
  • What are the best exercises for Lymphedema?¬†
  • What is the difference between lymphedema and venous edema?¬†
  • lymphedema vs edema.¬†
  • What is the lymphedema treatment act?¬†
  • How do I get lymphedema treatment?¬†

We know you may have questions about your swelling. If you are concerned about any of the above contact an expert Certified Lymphatic Therapist (CLT) at Lymphedema Solutions LLC

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Wellness and Cosmetic MLD

Lymphedema Solutions can work directly with your surgical team.  

Experience a faster healing process after cosmetic surgery with manual lymphatic drainage . Our expert therapist can help reduce swelling and inflammation, ease your discomfort, and assist you in getting back to your daily routine.

Resources for every stage of your journey

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Enhance your expertise as a massage or physical therapist with our exclusive online courses designed to help you manage clients with chronic swelling . Earn up to 5 CEU credits and elevate your massage therapy skills to the next level!

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"Having a swollen neck and throat and not being able to swallow is really scary. Ellie was there for me every step of the way and helped me get diagnosed and treated early. Thanks to her skill and knowledge and teaching me how to take care of myself, my swelling has completely gone"

M.W Throat cancer survivor 2017 Kailua

R.L. Breast Cancer survivor 2022 Honolulu


"People need to know about this serious disease and if left untreated it can cause serious infections putting you in the hospital. Thanks to Louise I have learned how to take care of my swollen arm and take back control of this disease. I am so thankful I met Louise."


"Ellie is a godsend! Besides being a wonderful practitioner, she is an empathetic advocate for the lymphedema community. Thanks to her having the latest lymphatic device she was able to get my swelling down fast"

I.T. Breast cancer survivor 2018 Honolulu

The latest from Lymphedema Solutions

We can help with compression garment fitting and selection

Not all compression products are made with the same quality. We will refer you to a trusted partner for quality garments.

Properly fitting compression wear is crucial for maintenance care. 

We work with local pneumatic pump specialists, saving you time and money on ineffective products and online purchases.

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Together we can create a personalized care plan that effectively manages your lymphedema and helps you regain control of your life. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Did you know that over 40% of breast cancer patients develop lymphedema despite improvements in surgical techniques? There is no cure but early treatment may stop progression.

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