Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) procedure performed by a Certified Lymphatic Therapist is safe and highly effective for treating affected areas damaged by surgery, trauma or radiation. Damage can trigger a chronic progressive disease called lymphedema leading to pain, swelling, recurrent infections and reduced movement in a limb. Left untreated, lymphedema progresses and affects quality of life - physically, financially and emotionally.

As part of a comprehensive treatment plan an initial consultation is provided to develop an individualized plan of care to cater to your specific medical needs. Treatment may include MLD, daily self-care management therapy and demonstrating bandaging techniques. At the end of our treatment sessions you will leave with invaluable tools to not only self-manage your symptoms, but have a better understanding of your lymphatic system. Please call, text or send an email to schedule an appointment

MLD is a powerful wellness treatment. Our lymphatic system plays an important role in our immunity and preventing infections. The CDC recommends having MLD massage to help recover from long haul Covid 19 symptoms. When administered by a Certified Lymphatic Therapist, MLD may also help your body cleanse from the inside out leaving you with healthier skin, less fluid retention (especially in pregnancy), and restoring energy levels. The benefits of MLD can be life changing by accelerating the healing process after surgery, clearing brain fog and by helping to heal chronic wounds when lymphatic swelling is present.

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