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Revolutionizing Lymphatic Care: Assessing & Managing Lymphatic Disease (5 CE)

NCBTMB Approved Provider #1001176

Approved by State of Hawaii Board of Physical Therapy

This NCBTMB and Hawaii Board of Physical Therapy approved CE course covers lymphedema and the lymphatic system for massage and physical  therapists. It covers 5 main modules. Successful completion of each module quiz is required for CE credits. At the successful completion of this course you will receive a certificate of accomplishment accepted by all states that accept NCBTMB approved courses such as Florida, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Illinois, North Carolina, Hawaii etc..

What you'll get:


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Module 1 Anatomy and Physiology of the Healthy Lymphatic System

Introduction, objectives, outcomes

M101 Primary lymphatic organs and their functions within the lymphatic system

M101: Secondary lymphatic organs and their functions within the lymphatic system

M101: Lymph Nodes

M101: Lymph Vessels

M101: The Lymphangion

M102 Demonstrate an understanding of the process of lymphatic filtration at the cellular level

M102 Cells, Proteins, Lipids

M103 Describe the pathway of lymph flow from the capillary beds to the heart and general circulation

Module 1: Summary
Module 1: Downloads
Module 1: Quiz
Module 1: References


Module 2: Understanding The Impact of Lymphatic Disease

 Module 2: Objectives and outcomes

M201: Types of Lymphatic Diseases

M202 : Understand the causes and risk factors associated with primary lymphedema, including genetic causes,  identify the signs and symptoms of this condition

M202: Case Study

M2O3: Describe secondary lymphedema, including its causes and risk factors, and how to recognize the signs and symptoms of this disease.

M203: Case Study, Venous-Related Lymphedema of the bilateral lower extremities

M203: Possible Effects of Obesity and General Surgery

M203: Possible Causes of Lymphedema

M204: Define lipedema and its characteristics, including the distribution of excess fat on the legs and hips, and explain the different stages of this condition.

Module 2: Downloads
Module 2: Conclusion
Module 2: QUIZ
Module 2: References

Module 3: Screening and Staging for Lymphatic Disease

M301: Introduction, Objectives and Outcomes

M3O1: Identify and demonstrate the usage of different assessment and screening tools for early detection and management of lymphedema.

M301: Common causes of generalized edema

M301: LMT Scope of practice

M301: Tips for screening clients at risk of lymphatic disease

M3O2: Understand the different stages of lymphedema, their signs and symptoms, progression, and treatment options

M3O2: Stage 0 Lymphedema: The Preclinical Stage

M302: Stage 1 Lymphedema: The Early Stage

M302: Stage 2 Lymphedema: The Moderate Stage

M302: Stage 3 Lymphedema: The Advanced Stage

M3O3: Diagnostic tools for lymphedema

M3O4: Understand the relationship between lymphedema and cellulitis and the importance of early recognition and treatment.

Module 3: Videos and Handouts
Module 3: Summary
Module 3: Downloads
Module 3: Quiz
Module 3: References

Module 4: Treatment For Lymphatic Disease

Module 4: Introduction, Objective and Outcomes

M401: Enhance lymphatic health: Understand the LMTs' role in providing Manual Lymphatic Drainage. (MLD)

M4O2: Understand treatment options during Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) and know when to refer clients on to specialist care

M402: Phase 1 CDT, Intensive Initial Treatment

M402: Phase 2 CDT. The Maintenance Phase of Treatment

M402: Simple Lymphatic Drainage / Self Lymphatic Drainage Techniques (SLD)

M402: Node Pumping

M402: Contraindications for MLD and SLD

M402: Compression Basics

M402: Movement Basics

M402: Skin Care Basics

M402: The use of sequential pneumatic pumps in the maintenance phase of care

M403: Other Lymphatic Treatment Considerations

M403: Nutritional Basics

M403: Elastic Taping, Measuring and Regular Checkups

M403: Reasons why lymphatic treatment may fail

M403: Why supported self-care matters

Module 4: Downloads and Videos
Module 4: Conclusion
Module 4: Quiz
Module 4: References 

Module 5: Advancements in Lymphatic Technology; Current Developments and Future Research Directions

Module 5: Introduction, Objectives and Outcomes

M501: Microsurgery for Lymphedema: A Cutting-Edge Treatment on the Rise

M5O2: Gain knowledge about the use of Indocyanine Green (ICG) in medical imaging for monitoring lymphatic flow patterns in patients with lymphedema.

M5O3: Identify the lifestyle behaviors that may lead to reduced lymphatic circulation, including a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and poor dietary habits.

M5O4: Describe how recent developments in the field of neuroscience have shed light on the connection between the lymphatic system and the nervous system.

Module 5: Conclusion
Module 5: Quiz
Module 5: References
Module 5 Downloads 

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What People Are Saying:

Awesome course! It was quite insightful and educational about Lymphedema and the impact it can have on individuals when not identified or treated. I liked that I can access the videos on you tube as well from the download link provided in the references.


Course was very informative. The website was flawless and accessibility to YouTube was seamless. Thanks


Informative course and module was easily accessible using my phone, which allowed me to learn the material at any place/time. As a mother of two kids, this was very helpful.